What is the program about?

This is a 12-week cycling training program that prepares kids to ride in the 40-mile El Tour de Tucson cycling event. Kids receive training 3 times per week, including sessions with personal trainers, “on the bike” skills training, sports nutrition, and road safety education. The coaches are leaders in exercise, nutrition, and cycling training from ProActive Physical Therapy and Pyramid Coaching. After the big race is over, participants are enrolled in our follow-up program to continue riding with the group.

Who can participate?

We will take up to 25 kids total. Girls and boys between the ages of 10-12 years old, who are in need, under active, overweight, or at risk for health problems are encouraged to apply. We are looking for kids who are interested in cycling, improving their health, and who can make a commitment to complete the 12- week program and at least 3 months of the follow-up. A current physical exam and doctor’s clearance is required before training can begin.

When do we meet?

Training will take place Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00 pm-7:00 pm and Saturdays from 8-10 am or 8-11 am as the program progresses. Follow-up rides are typically once every week on a Saturday from December through March. The kids must be able to get to the training facility (ProActive Physical Therapy) near Ft. Lowell and Alvernon three (3) times per week during the 12-week training program, and once per week during the follow-up period. Attendance is critical for both fitness development and team unity. 80-90% attendance is required for participation. If you are unable to attend you will be unable to continue.

What equipment is needed?

None! Private sponsors donate all equipment, gear, and bicycles. Kids are able to use and keep all equipment if they complete the 12-week program, ride in the El Tour de Tucson event, and participate in ¾ of the follow-up rides.

After Jr. El Tour ends, what are my child’s options?

After the follow-up program, children have several options to continue. If they are interested and ready, they may participate in an optional racing extension with Jr. El Tour coaches for an additional 2 months.  (Note: this extension may not be offered every year). Children that qualify may also return to the program the following August as mentors to the new group. If they are at least 12 years old, they may want to try out for El Grupo. El Grupo Youth Cycling is a non-profit youth cycling team in Tucson that affords the opportunities of cycling to local teens who otherwise would not get the chance. Please check their website for upcoming try outs for the team or contact them with further questions.

What equipment is needed?

None! All equipment, gear, and bicycles will be donated by private sponsors. Kids will be able to use and keep all equipment if they complete the program, ride in the El Tour de Tucson event, and participate in ¾ of the follow-up rides.

When does the program start?

We will be recruiting in the summer and training will start in mid to late August.

How much does it cost to participate?

The program is free and paid for by private sponsors.

Why should I sponsor a child for the Jr. El Tour?

Unlike donations to a one-time cause, this gift has the potential to change the life of Tucson’s youth – and our community – forever. The benefits for kids are too many to mention, but it doesn’t end there. Your generosity will also benefit your business!

• Your donation is tax deductible

• Your logo will be featured on the children’s racing jerseys

• Your logo, and a link to your website, will appear on the new

Jr. El Tour website

What does my donation provide?

• cycles

• cycling gear

• 12-week race training program

• professional coaching in exercise, nutrition, and cycling

• 4 months of follow-up training and coaching after the race

Kids who who complete the follow-up program get to keep the cycles and gear, to continue the sport after the race.

How can I donate or sponsor?

It’s easy! Sponsorships and donations are gladly accepted. Just call Cyndi Wallace, Program Coordinator at 520-222-7838 or email info@jreltour.org for more information.